Becoming a European Champion

Wilier Triestina has produced a special colour scheme for the URTA SLRs ridden by the Wilier-Pirelli team European champions Simone Avondetto and Fabian Rabensteiner.
Because winners are born but champions are made.


Simone Avondetto is European XCO champion in the under 23 category. Fabian Rabensteiner is European Marathon Elite champion.

Two weeks after Rabensteiner’s victory, Simone Avondetto (silver medallist in Novi Sad in 2021) finally wins the European XCO in the under 23 category in Anadia, Portugal.


Laura Gallardo wins the 2022 Andean Raid, in the Inca capital of Cusco, Peru

The Andean Raid is an ultracycling event that starts and ends in Cusco.
Laura Gallardo was the best among the women, completing the 440 kilometre course, with 9,000 metres of elevation gain, in 39 hours and 27 minutes.


Omero’s adventure at the first edition of the Seven Serpents

The Seven Serpents Gravel is an off-road bikepacking challenge that stretches over 800 kilometres, with a positive elevation gain of 15,000 metres.
Omar Martinello (known to most as Omero) and his Jena covered the entire route, from Ljubljana to Trieste. In four days.


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Filante Hybrid,  Tenerife

A day with the all-new Filante Hybrid in Tenerife

Thanks to a temperate climate that puts long rides on the menu whatever the season, Tenerife has become a go-to destination for cyclists, supplying an eternal roadmap of climbs and descents to test a rider’s legs amongst jaw-dropping scenery. In short: it’s a location that ticks all the boxes when it came to kick-starting the adventure of the Filante Hybrid.


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MTB,  Simone Avondetto,  Urta SLR,  Wilier Triestina - Pirelli

2021’s U23 MTB World Cup overall silver medallist, Simone Avondetto checks in with Wilier after the first World Cup of 2022.

Back with a vengeance: after narrowly missing the top honours in the World Cup overall by getting edged out at the final round in Snowshoe last year, Simone Avondetto kicked off his campaign for the Under 23 world title in the jersey of Wilier – Pirelli with a bit of bad luck in Brazil’s Petrópolis.

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The Wilier Journal has become a collection book, the first of a long series.
A 152-page, elegantly bound book that tells the story of 2020 spent on our bicycles.
A year of experiences, with competition, bicycle touring, fun and history.
A photo book in the unmistakable Wilier Triestina style.

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