Let the journey begin

    Introducing a new World Tour partnership: Wilier Triestina is the new Official Partner of Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team.


    Andrea Gastaldello, Executive Chairman of Wilier Triestina, together with his brothers and shareholders Enrico and Michele, announces the finalisation of a technical sponsorship agreement between the Rossano Veneto-based company and the French Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team.

    We are delighted to announce the start of a new era for Wilier Triestina. As from 1 January 2024, Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team will be racing on our bikes as part of a new multi-year technical sponsorship agreement. This marks an important new beginning, which comes in the wake of our other World Tour commitment with Astana Qazaqstan since 2020. 
    Needless to say, in addition to being a source of great satisfaction and pride, we are fully aware of the technical, logistical and financial commitment that this dual World Tour sponsorship will require. However, our company structure has grown and will surely be able to meet all the challenges that this choice is going to entail right from the start. 
    We would like to point out that the main reason for this investment is the belief that a full immersion into the highest levels of cycling will allow us to boost our technical expertise yet further. This is a decisive step towards implementing the decision taken in 2020 to raise the bar in the racing field alongside professionals of the highest levels.  And, in fact, the bar keeps rising, season after season, for the athletes of our teams and for all those who choose our brand to practice their passion for cycling. 
    With its promising young cyclists and established names, the team's sporting projects have been extremely exciting to us right from the start, reflecting the vision we seek in collaborations of this kind: an international project that invests in young talents to accompany them, in time, from youth categories to the highest levels.  
    The organisation and the staff also deserve a mention. This is a company of more than 100 people, many young and all highly qualified, boasting an in-house R&D department worthy of major technology companies and driven by an unswerving passion for cycling. Last but not least, the understanding with Marc Madiot was extraordinary right from the start.” 


    Marc Madiot, General Manager Groupama - FDJ Cycling Team: “I am delighted and honoured to announce today that Wilier Triestina has joined the Groupama-FDJ cycling Team family as an Official Partner. This is the start of a great adventure with a renowned Italian company that has left its mark on the History of cycling. Their enthusiasm and the quality of their technical and engineering teams immediately echoed the standards and attention we pay every day to the quest for the highest performance. The spirit of all our technical partnerships is to develop together and use our respective expertise to move up the range, and that's what appealed to us about Wilier Triestina's approach. Together, we're going to write a new page in the History of Groupama-FDJ cycling Team and showcase these new machines on the road from the very first day of the 2024 season”.  

    In terms of materials, the team athletes will be riding on a Filante SLR with a special, dedicated livery. The time trial bike will be the Turbine SLR. Next stop, 1st of January, when we will be raising the curtain on the new liveries for the Groupama – FDJ Cycling Team. Let the new season begin! 

    At the beginning of the 1997’s season, thanks to the freshly retired cyclists Marc and Yvon Madiot’s passion, the Équipe cycliste Française des Jeux was born. The year 2018 was a turning point in the team’s history with the arrival of Groupama as new title sponsor. The association of these two major actors of French sports gave birth to the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ. Increased resources and increased ambitions for the formation who also retains its strong family values and spirit. In 26 years, the formation won more than 500 victories in which 14 French national champion jerseys, 3 Monuments of cycling and 38 Grand Tour stages. 

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