The victorious Wilier - Pirelli relay in the MTB Elite Championship

    Wout Alleman has won the 2023 European Elite MTB Marathon title. This in itself is an exciting result for the Wilier – Pirelli Team. Nevertheless, Fabian Rabensteiner, reigning European champion and silver medallist last Sunday in Laissac, is equally satisfied with the outcome of the race.

    “There’s not much to say. Wout was simply better than me. I tried to resist his forcing, but I just didn’t manage to. I tried to defend my European title up until the very end, but today Wout was really in a state of grace. You should also look at things from another perspective. Today was a sensational day for the Wilier – Pirelli team: Wout and I got the gold and silver medal, respectively, and we raced our team to the top of the European rankings. You couldn’t ask for anything better at a competition such as the continental championship, because the morale at Wilier – Pirelli team is fantastic, so I can be nothing but happy about my team-mate’s victory”.

    On closer inspection, the race was a great success for the team. Up until 20 kilometres from the finish line, the leading trio was entirely made up of Wilier - Pirelli athletes: Wout Alleman, Fabian Rabensteiner and Samuele Porro.

    “It didn’t even appear to be a European championship, but rather a very tough training session for the team. Those sessions into which we pour all our energies”.


    Wout Alleman, for his part, is glowing.
    “The route was simply perfect for me, in every detail. I gave it my all so that the result would meet all my expectations as well as those of my team. I am delighted with my victory and so happy to be wearing the European Champion jersey, but at the same time, I cannot hide my satisfaction about my team-mates’ results. It isn’t every day that you win first and second place in a European championship, nor that you rank four athletes in the top ten”.

    Claudio Salomoni, head of product development at Wilier Triestina, extends the congratulatory comments beyond the sporting performance:
    “We put a lot of faith into our MTB team and a result like the one achieved in Laissac - with Alleman, Rabensteiner, Porro and Geismayr among the top ten – just makes us so proud of all our hard work. This order of arrival demonstrates how the commitment across the entire company was channelled in the right direction: design planning first and foremost, but also in the correct interpretation. We get a lot of feedback from athletes at the end of training sessions and competitions, and often it is demanding and challenging. Knowing that Urta Max, a product which was created for and with the team, is giving athletes more opportunities to achieve significant success truly makes us excited and proud.”

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