Becoming a European Champion

    When a bike is decorated with special paint work, it means that a truly important result has been achieved. The colours whiteblue, and yellow of the new URTA SLR ridden by Fabian Rabensteiner and Simone Avondetto symbolise European Champions. A chromatic combination that celebrates winning the European Marathon Elite category and the XCO Under-23 titles.


    These triumphs are just the latest additions to the offroad trophy case, making the 2022 competitive year already an unforgettable one for Team Wilier Triestina – Pirelli. Two wins represent the current pinnacle of the Wilier Triestina attitude, which aims at achieving top performance in every situation and on every terrain, without nonetheless forgetting the talent and efforts of the athletes.

    Production Manager Michele Gastaldello describes the Wilier Triestina manufacturing concept: “The making of our bicycles is, indeed, a competitive process right from the get go. Because during the design stage, our primary focus is on how the bike should respond to the stress it is subjected to by the riders in our teams.

    It is the competitive spirit that triggers not only the demand to improve our performance but the solution, as well. Practically speaking, the production process is an endless chain of inputs. We are all aware that the accuracy that goes into every detail of the product leads to a part of the sporting result. With Simone and Fabian we reached the top of Europe and this achievement needed to be celebrated accordingly.

    A special colour scheme created by the expert hands of our painting department, to show how good this input/result mechanism, which has always been at the foundation of our distinctive approach, is”.

    Hence, every moment in the production process of the URTA SLR Campione Europeo edition is just layer upon layer of solid know-how and new requirements put into practice with our customary thoroughness: and it is a bit of that attention to detail in every stage of production that enabled Simone Avondetto to frustrate the hopes of Charlie Alridge and win the XCO U23 European title.


    In some ways, this special bike represents not only the point of arrival but, at the same time, as is in Wilier Triestina’s DNA, a new starting point towards even better results.

    “Of course, the two European titles are a huge satisfaction. However, we are well aware that they are only a stretch of the road along which we are travelling. Because I believe that, deep down, we at Wilier know without any shadow of a doubt that you are born a winner but must do everything possible to become a champion. This goes not only for all our team athletes, but for our bicycles as well”.


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