Simone Avondetto and Wilier Triestina: growing together

    Simone Avondetto, as they say in America, is a prospect of mountain biking. A brilliant promise who will enter the Elite category with an important calling card full of victories collected during the 2022 season: national, European, and world U23 titles in Olympic cross country.

    The 2023 season will be a major challenge to confirm the extraordinary results of the previous year. Simone has been seeking a solid foundation to support the upcoming seasons and better face his future as a young talent.


    Going from Under 23 to Elite is a challenging leap, despite having great results from the past season backing me. The Elite world is tough and I've already experienced it with open races. Thorough preparation is key, not only physically and mentally, but of course technically as well. I've chosen to further strengthen my partnership with Wilier Triestina because the family atmosphere that surrounds you within the company and on the team, is high level, and I feel truly at ease with them. Working without pressure or stress is imperative for me. I know I need to grow, and having accepted the challenge of a prestigious company like Wilier Triestina proves how clearly I understand the commitment I want to put into this, not only from the sports perspective but also as someone involved in the development of new projects and new materials.

    In the same way, for Wilier Triestina an athlete like Simone Avondetto is the best symbol of a corporate philosophy that is constantly evolving. These are the words used by Andrea Gastaldello to seal a project of mutual growth.

    “Throughout our history of more than a hundred years, we have achieved results in every cycling discipline. Yet, despite all this, we still consider ourselves outsiders. Simply because you must never rest on your laurels. We feel that the talent shown by Simone in the U23 category in some way represents us: in the sense that he has proved to possess remarkable physical and technical means, which must now be put to the test and confirm themselves in the difficult world of Elite races. It is a challenge that we somehow share, and embarking on this path together is truly stimulating. Making him our benchmark athlete in the mountain bike category is also, ultimately, a challenge for our company. And these are the competitions we love the most because they are a path of development from many standpoints that of course concern the rider but also the credibility and respectability of one of the most prominent trademarks of the high-end bicycle market”.


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