Custom bike, an extension of the self

    custom bike is no simple flirt. By no means.
    A custom bicycle is the best way to express your special relationship with your racing bike. A relationship that can even be exclusive. Because no passionate cyclist would ever consider a custom bicycle a simple object. It is much, much more. It is much more important, for example, than one’s own car. In fact, the Americans call it “the mechanical bride”, which explains the type of relationship there can be. A car has an engine, so not even the most dedicated driver would ever think they are going somewhere “together.” Driving is merely a relationship between the car and its fuel, nothing more.

    But riding a bicycle is different.

    With a bicycle, you go somewhere together: up Monte Grappa, up Stelvio, up Mont Ventoux or to Castellania, where the street of Colli Tortonesi ends.
    That’s why – as we explained in Giro d’Italia 2011: Michele Scarponi’s feat and the pink jersey – cyclists talk to their bicycle in times of difficulty, begging it just to hang in there. So, there is nothing strange–at least for fans–to tell stories about a night spent “together” with a racing bike, meaning, together in the same room.

    There is no embarrassment in revealing that they violated the sanctity of the bridal chamber.

    That’s why cyclists shamelessly consider their bicycle an extension of themselves. And that’s why they want to give it their own personal imprint: their own style.



    In his book It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels, Robert Penn explores the ultimate expression of customisation. And, in his case, the imprint is so extreme that people often say: “I saw Robert Penn’s dream bike. Actually, I saw one three times more beautiful.”

    That’s because the manufacturer’s design counts when defining your personal style. Second, to make everything even more personal, you need a palette to choose your colour or colours from you are so fond of, for very personal reasons. That’s why Wilier Triestina is lending a hand to those who choose a high-end bicycle as an expression of their racing character. And that’s why we created Infinitamente a configurator that lets you make your bike the perfect extension of yourself. The Infinitamente website is the perfect tool for those who consider the colour of their frame so important that they need to create it themselves, considering every possible colour combination in Wilier’s range. They want their bike to be truly one of a kind. Created just for them.

    Because, as we now realise, a racing bike is not an object like any other.
    Because, what it really is, is that part of us that everyone notices as we ride by.




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