Daniele Bennati and his Wilier 0 SLR Infinitamente

    The desire for one’s bike to be considered unique –something that unequivocally identifies its owner– is an irrepressible impulse that unites all cyclists. Whether they are amateurs who unleash their passion at the weekend or professionals who have triumphed on the Champs Élysées at the 2007 Tour de France.

    Daniele Bennati publicly discloses this indulgence: “When I raced professionally, I had the opportunity to personalise my bikes and that was the best way to distinguish myself within the group”. And this, among the many other reasons, is the meaning of cycling: standing out.

    It is this shared attitude that led Wilier Triestina to conceptualise and create Infinitamente: the easiest means for anyone to be the true master of their distinction.
    It is so simple and realistic that it can become a pleasant way to lose yourself in the infinite sea of possibilities of being a cyclist and, in the end, deciding which image –your very own– is the one you want.

    At the end of a long journey through the boundless options that Infinitamente offers, for his Wilier 0 SLR Daniele Bennati chose an Infinitamente Advanced Flat combination that is sheer elegance: a metallic black frame complemented with gold decals, entirely enhanced with a glossy finish.
    In Daniele’s design, gold is a tribute to the centuries-long tradition of the master goldsmiths of Arezzo, the craftsmen who best symbolise his birthplace.


    However, you don’t have to be the winner of a cyclamen jersey at the Giro d’Italia and a blue one at the Vuelta de España to be unique. Infinitamente lets anyone imagine the bike in the colours that best represent them, and everyone can play with the nuances over and over again until they achieve the desired combination and can proudly say: “these are the colours I want for my bike”.

    Because if riding a Wilier Triestina reveals a particular idea of cycling, Infinitamente lets you set yourself apart on the road. Stand out among thousands, and maybe more.


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