A day with the all-new Filante Hybrid in Tenerife

Defining the appeal that Tenerife holds for cyclists is easy.

Let’s begin with its topography: you won’t see the highest peak in Spain when climbing or descending legendary passes in the Pyrenees, nor from the tarmac of the A337 in Sierra Nevada—not even a glimpse, nada. In fact, it won’t be until your tyres hit the tarmac in Tenerife, the hilly island in the Atlantic that boasts the highest Spanish summit at its centre, that you’ll see its volcano topping out at 3,718 metres of altitude.

It’s thanks to the mighty presence of Teide that Tenerife’s roads roll up and down without a break; each road simply following the contours of the volcano, rising up from the Atlantic Ocean to the summit. The highest point reachable on a paved road is 2,356 metres in a spot called Las Canadas del Teide – here’s where the cable car starts, whisking you almost to the very top of Spain.

Flat roads are something of a rarity in Tenerife – it’s more of a question of how steep you want to climb, leading you to select a route with more mellow gradients or to go all-in depending on how strong you’re feeling. Seeing as almost all rides start from the beach, you can get a good picture of how you’ll spend time once off the bike.

These are the reasons why the new Filante Hybrid took to Tenerife for its debut, riding under the sun on roads that are equal parts-panoramic, equal parts-testing, but always dishing out stunning ocean views.
After all, the pedal-assist hidden discretely in the deep soul of the Filante Hybrid transforms every single ribbon of tarmac that snakes from the coast up the volcano into a pleasure, leaving each rider the liberty of choosing how hard to push while getting their fill of the views and enjoying their time on the island.

For Wilier Triestina, at the centre of this small electric soul is the belief that everyone can—and should—pedal without limits and in perfect freedom.

It’s a soul that’s versatile, agile, and silent, so that cycling will never cease to amaze you — wherever you are, whenever you ride.



It’s hard to believe that this bike hides a system providing electric pedal assist. Yet, it does. Filante Hybrid is an electric road bike that integrates the lightest pedal assist system in the world: the new X20 motor by Mahle, a German multinational that is driving technological innovation toward zero-impact mobility.

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