The Wilier 0 SLR and the crossing of the Alps

A variety of specialised tests have been conducted on the Wilier 0 SLR, offering up very positive results on its design and solutions: its super-light weight, its totally integrated cables and its disc brakes.
However, we immediately thought that the test Mattia Barlocco proposed would be the best way to test its reliability and versatility, outside the “racing” context for which it was designed, since it was in every respect a very unique endurance test, that also included the baggage.

What made the performance so unique? Mattia travelled 2,090 kilometres alone in thirteen consecutive stages with a total altitude gain of 40,300 metres, following the entire Alpine chain from Trieste to Nice and then to Bormida, a short distance from Colle di Cadibona, where the Alps end geographically and the Apennines begin.
During the crossing, he crossed 35 passes, with six climbs in a single day.

What made the exploit even more significant was the circumstance – unfortunate for Mattia, but important for the Wilier 0 SLR – that he completed three stages entirely in the rain, providing an important check on the bike’s handling, especially downhill.
At the end of the test, Mattia Barlocco’s opinion was extremely reassuring, both from the point of view of comfort “that I had already experienced on shorter stretches, but that remained unchanged throughout the 13 days and in any weather condition”, but above all with regard to versatility, i.e. the Wilier 0 SLR remained continuously reliable despite the changing road surface conditions and weather.
“I made a lot of ascents and consequently a lot of descents, but the bike didn’t lose its reliability at all. It always responded optimally even on the long stretches of plains that I travelled, without any impact even on unpaved stretches. Every positive grade has even more value if you take into account that the weather conditions were often poor and that I rode carrying 8 kg of baggage.”
He sums it all up with a sentence that goes beyond the very nature of the bicycle.
“I think the Wilier 0 SLR really is a great travel companion.”

That’s without a doubt the best of the judgements.

Some stats from Mattia’s ride:

Bike weight without luggages _ circa 6,6 kg 
Bike weight with luggages _ circa 15 kg 
Total days _ 13 (consecutive) 
Total time _ 91 hours
Average time each stage _ 7 hours
Average speed _ 23 km/h
Total distance _ 2.090 km
Average distance each stage _ 160 km
Maximum stage distance _ 182 km
Altitude gain _ 40.359 meters
Average altitude gain _ 3.104 metri
Maximum altitude gain in one stage _ 4. 300 metri
Alps passes gained 35
Total calories _ 75.923 C 
Average calories burner per day _
5.840 C
Body weight before _
67 kg
Body weight after _
65 kg


Wilier 0 SLR: Nothing will be the same

Wilier 0 SLR is the first ultra-lightweight racing bike with disc brakes and fully integrated cables.
Wilier 0 SLR encapsulates the most complex concepts of lightness and total integration in simple aesthetics. These are the features the most demanding cyclists seek in the most technologically advanced racing bikes: ultra lightweightedness, high-speed stability and control, braking performance, electronic transmission, high aerodynamics and full cable integration.All condensed in Wilier’s unmistakable style.

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