Yevgeniy Fedorov is the new U23 road World Champion

    Yevgeniy Fedorov is the new U23 road World Champion, taking the crown on the other side of the world, in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.

    The title is even sweeter because Yevgeniy won the gruelling race in a two-rider sprint after 169 kilometres ridden in wind and rain. The weather conditions faced by the athletes were reminiscent of a Northern classic: a Liège – Bastogne – Liège late-summer memory.


    Even more satisfying, all observers concurred, is the fact that the victory was thanks to Yevgeniy’s two years spent as a professional on the Astana Qazaqstan Team.

    The experts agree: “It was an attack conducted with intelligence and experience. It was at the just right time to put those favoured to win in difficulty, but above all he kept a clear head to resist the predictable return of his chasers who were strong riders. This great demonstration of cycling maturity puts Fedorov in a new class. One reserved for Alexey Lutsenko who won the under 23 World Championship ten years ago in Valkenburg.”

    What an exciting finish on the slight climb on Marine Drive with the chase group quickly gaining, but controlled with a certain calm by Yevgeniy who lifted his arms in triumph as he crossed the finish line, stretching to his full six foot-two height.


    “My participation in the Vuelta a España was crucial to this fantastic result. I felt great after the three weeks of the Vuelta, so I was really hopeful for the world championship, but I also knew very well just how good my opponents were. In the end, it was my ability to withstand all the difficulties that I needed to face every day in a stage of a great tour race that gave me the strength to dig deep to find more energy in the final sprint and take the win.”

    Once again, a sense of great satisfaction quickly spread from New South Wales to Rossano Veneto. At Wilier Triestina.

    “What an incredible feeling to see our bicycle with an athlete on the other side of the world, whatever the specialty. No matter how many times it has happened and still can happen, it continues to be an unexpected and wonderful thrill.”


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