Woman 2 Woman goes far beyond appearances.
    Woman 2 Woman is not a project for women who want to test their limits. Though they are clearly a part of it, it’s not the main reason for which it was created.
    The idea behind Woman 2 Woman is to demonstrate that you don’t need to cycle around the world like Caroline Soubayroux or take off on a seven-month solo adventure like Wiebke Luehmann.

    These are definitely wonderful challenges and experiences. However, what matters is that, at the root, their aim runs so much deeper: to give more space to women’s point of view on the world of cycling by sharing stories that elevate the passion for riding to a means for achieving new awareness.


    Not surprisingly, Keira McVitty has some very clear ideas on this: “Cycling shouldn’t just belong to the world of men. We need to promote a greater bicycle culture among young people, especially among girls”.

    This was how Woman 2 Woman was born. It is a project of inclusion and emancipation visually transposed by the images of Chiara Lanzieri, Rome-born illustrator particularly sensitive to the idea of “body positivity”.


    Chiara Lanzieri has translated into illustration – with figures and sharp colors – the thought that every Wilier Triestina Brand Ambassador shares, and is at the base of each great adventure that they’ve embarked upon around the globe.

    Hence each and every image tells the story of a better world, in which the bicycle is what allows you to move around, be emancipated and feel free.
    “Cycling is a beautiful way to feel good and be in tune with your surroundings. The goal is to enjoy simple things. The wind on your face, laughter with friends, a stop for a coffee or a drink, and the opportunity to discover spectacular views”.

    An important thought to share Woman 2 Woman.
    Every day.

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